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Accelerite Product Health Check


Product Health Check Services ("Services") are described in this Services Description for Services delivered by Persistent Systems, d.b.a. Accelerite, to Accelerite Foundation Support customer or Accelerite Premier Support ("Customer").

Accelerite’s Product Health Check Services uses data from targeted Customer devices to check key indicators of software health and utilization to determine if product is maintaining performance expectations based on Accelerite recommended best practices.

The Services focus on identifying potential mal-functioning software components, dormant problems, abnormalities in the trend data for potential improvement and any other performance related issues. Accelerite engineers will analyze Customer data and provide recommended actions to help Customer identify potential risk and issue with their Accelerite products before impacting their software and proactively improve software performance.

Eligibility and Purchasing
Services are available only to End User who holds a valid Accelerite Foundation Support contract or Accelerite Premier Support contract. Services may be purchased using consulting credits.
Service Features and Deliverable
As part of the Services, Accelerite will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Customer with the following:

Deployment Data Collection and Analysis

Accelerite engineers will work with the customer to collect sample deployment data and analyze the data to determine areas of improvement. Accelerite engineers will perform the following key activities:

  • Discuss and understand customer existing deployment design, architecture and configuration

  • Collect required data from customer’s software on customer network. This data collection can be performed based on customer criticality, stability, performance concerns and other customer priority.
  • Review the data collected from the Accelerite software and analyze the key software health indicators to identify potential hotspots or problem areas in the network.

  • Notify customer if critical issues are found during the process that may have immediate impact on customer’s network. Provide customer workaround or solution if available and assist on issue resolution
Optimization recommendation
Accelerite engineers provide recommendations to optimize Customer’s software health and utilization based on suggested best practices. A written Product Health Check report will be delivered to the customer as the key deliverable of the service. Accelerite engineers will perform the following key activities:

  • Provide recommendations on appropriate solutions or workaround to identified problem areas

  • Identify performance trend and provide recommendation on areas for improvement

  • Deliver a written report with a summary of key findings and recommendation

  • Conduct call with the customer to review the findings and recommendations.

Customer Responsibilities
Accelerite’s obligation to provide the applicable Services is conditional upon Customer meeting the following obligations. The provision of the Services assumes that Customer will:

  • Provide information on the current deployment architecture and design, software releases running in their network and current configurations as and when requested by Accelerite to enable delivery of the service deliverables mentioned in this offering.

  • Upload the collected data into an Accelerite specified location.
  • Assist in the collection of necessary data using Accelerite provided commands or customer’s own method to enable delivery of the service deliverables.

  • Provide any business or technical constraints Customer may have.

  • Provide technical point of contact(s) to work with Accelerite throughout the process.
  • Services shall be delivered during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., local time, Monday through Friday, excluding Accelerite observed holidays.

  • Services shall be delivered both on site unless specified otherwise.

  • Customer understands and agrees that Accelerite may, in its sole discretion, subcontract the performance of part of the Service.

  • Product Health Check service reports are available in English only.

About Accelerite
Accelerite’s software suite of cloud, IoT solutions and advanced endpoint management make it easy for enterprises to simplify and secure today’s complex, ever-evolving infrastructure. Fortune 500s, SMEs, operators, service providers and VARs around the world rely on Accelerite products to secure connected enterprises from a single pane view, quickly and easily build private and public enterprise clouds, and bring connected things to life with rapid IoT service creation and enrichment. With headquarters in Silicon Valley, Accelerite is a wholly owned business of Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT), a leader in software product development and technology services.