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Accelerite Releases Patch B for Cloud Portal Business Manager 2.5.0

Accelerite is pleased to announce  CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5.0  Patch B for the customers running Accelerite® CloudPortal Business Manager version  2.5.0 to CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5.0 Patch A. This hotfix, which includes  CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5.0 Patch A, enables the customers running CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5.0 to upgrade to this Hotfix directly.

Accelerite® CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5.0 Patch B addresses issues reported on  convert to subscription workflow fix for utility subscription generated by system / Single signon issue from CPBM to ACP  / rootdisk resize issue for less than 1 GB Template and ISO.

The product download for Accelerite® CloudPortal Buversion 2.5.0 Patch B is available for logged in users at: