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Accelerite® Releases CloudPlatform Version 4.11.0

Rovius CloudPlatform version 4.11.0 is here! Accelerite® releases Rovius CloudPlatform 4.11 erstwhile called Accelerite® CloudPlatform. The Rovius CloudPlatform software pools computing resources to build public, private, and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. Rovius CloudPlatform manages the network, storage, and the compute nodes that make up the cloud infrastructure. Hundreds of enterprises and telcos or Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) use Rovius CloudPlatform at scale to deploy, manage, configure, and sell cloud computing environments.

Rovius CloudPlatform version 4.11.0 includes new features in Networking, Storage, Configuration, Deployment, and Improvements.

  • Networking

    Reserves public IP addresses and guest VLANs for a domain. This feature is an extension of the facility in Rovius CloudPlatform to reserve a set of public IP addresses and guest VLANs for an account.

  • Storage

    Load-balancing storage volumes and VMware vSAN datastore as primary storage pool.

  • Configuration

    You can view tags for usage records for accounts, persistent configuration for virtual routers, and overrides global configuration setting in cloud.

  • Deployment

    You can deploys virtual machines that have homogeneous configurations in bulk and view tags for user accounts. This release also supports OVA Files with multiple disks and Arista switch for advanced baremetal deployments.

  • Improvements

    This release includes multiple improvements in Hyper-V and supports GPU/vGPU on VMware. 

Logged in users of Rovius Support Portal can download Rovius CloudPlatform 4.11.0 by clicking here

As a new customer, you can directly install Rovius CloudPlatform version 4.11.0. Existing customers can upgrade to Rovius CloudPlatform version 4.11.0 from the following earlier releases of CloudPlatform: 

  • CloudPlatform 4.7.1 
  • CloudPlatform 4.7 
  • CloudPlatform 4.5.1 
  • CloudPlatform 4.5 

APIs that have been modified as part of Rovius CloudPlatform 4.11.0 are documented in the API reference pages. For more information, see the API Reference (downloadable .zip). 

The issues that customers reported on the previous releases and addressed in Rovius CloudPlatform 4.11.0 are documented in the Rovius CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack) Version 4.11.0 Release 

Notes. Also, this Release Notes contains information on Support Matrix and Known Issues. 

Click here to access all Rovius CloudPlatform version 4.11.0 product manuals.