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Announcement for Rovius CP 4.15.1

Rovius CP version 4.15.1 is here! The Rovius CP software pools computing resources to build public, private, and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. Rovius CP manages the network, storage, and the compute nodes that make up the cloud infrastructure. Hundreds of enterprises and telcos or Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) use Rovius CP at scale to deploy, manage, configure, and sell cloud computing environments.

This Rovius CP release has improvements in all the components to support the Apache Log4j2 implementation and includes a new, user-friendly Mint UI that has easier and more logical navigation through the interface. Furthermore, this release supports the Ubuntu OS as a Management Server, includes advanced support for Kubernetes, and updated Debian 11 default templates.

  • Supporting Kubernetes on Debian OS
  • Forwarding Conditional DNS in VPCs
  • Supporting the Ubuntu OS

Logged-in users of Rovius Support Portal can download Rovius CP 4.15.1 by clicking here.

As a new customer, you can directly install Rovius CP version 4.15.1. Existing customers can upgrade to Rovius CP version 4.15.1 from the earlier release of 4.15.x or 4.11.0.HFx.

Issues that customers reported on the previous releases and addressed in Rovius CP 4.15.1 are documented in the Rovius CP 4.15.1 Release Notes. This Release Notes also contains information on Support Matrix and Known Issues.

Click here to access all Rovius CP 4.15.1 product manuals.