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Announcement for Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform 1.2.0

Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform version 1.2.0 is here!

Persistent is pleased to announce this Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform release for customers who want to manage public cloud entities and cross-platform cloud resources seamlessly from a single interface.

Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform is a solution to pool computing and infrastructure resources attached to private and public clouds under a unified management platform. Organizations can manage and monitor their cloud infrastructure, migrate across cloud platforms, secure resources using disaster recovery, integrate billing, and much more.

Logged-in users can click the following link to download the Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform release:

Click Download to get the 1.2.0 build package.


File name—

Date—June 30, 2023

MD5 checksum—3f553be60934c555d02f6787adb4af3b

Documents to support this release—Click here.

Release highlights

This release includes the following unique features.

  • Supports Veeam to recover cloud resources

    In addition to SUREedge, the Platform supports Veeam. Veeam Backup and Replication is a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution. Use this Platform to recover VM and VPC with source server as Rovius CP and destination server as AWS.

  • Supports Microsoft Teams for service automation and managing cloud infrastructure

    Use Microsoft Teams to call the Platform APIs to get automated responses to specific messages or commands and improve productivity by automating routine tasks, such as creating workspaces using blueprints. This is an experimental feature. Future releases of the Platform will test and certify this feature.

Improvements in this release

This release includes the following improvements:

  • Improved Cost Analysis

    An improved cost analysis interface shows a better view while comparing the costs of resources across cloud providers. Furthermore, the Platform shows an intelligent detection of comparable resources from major cloud providers for cloud resources. Moreover, this release supports more cloud resources for Cost Analysis.

  • Enhanced the upload blueprints feature

    On the Platform UI, upload blueprints from a local system, any URL, or GitHub URL to the Platform to create workspaces.

  • Scaling the Billing Payment server

    You can scale the Billing Payment server to run multiple billing jobs quickly. Add more nodes to decrease the time needed to process the billing jobs.

  • Secure user credentials

    The Platform uses the latest recommended (May 2023) OWASP specification to store user passwords in the database. This specification provides balanced resistance to both GPU-based and side-channel attacks, provides equivalent cryptographic strength, and reduces memory usage for computing workloads.

  • Enabled to change secret providers

    If an account wants to move to another secret provider, this Platform allows the account administrator to copy secrets and cloud configurations from one secret provider to another secret provider, such as moving secrets from HashiCorp Vault to AWS Secret Manager.

  • Updated Terraformer version to 0.8.23 to export cloud resources

    To easily add new cloud providers and resources, the Platform supports an updated version 0.8.23 of the Terraformer tool. Furthermore, the Platform supports more resources to export from Rovius CP and AWS.

  • Upgraded to SUREedge DR 6.6.2

    Upgraded the Platform to support SUREedge DR 6.6.2.

  • Slack user-level support for service automation

    The Platform supports service automation for Slack users and uses the cloud credentials of the Slack user to deploy workspaces. When a user requests workspace deployment using Slackbot, the Platform receives this request from the cloud user and then deploys the workspace using the cloud credentials of the user who requested the deployment. The cloud user can view the workspaces on the Platform UI.

Supporting documents

Click the following links to view supporting documents for this release:

  • Click here to access the product documents
  • Release Notes describe features and improvements in this 1.1.0 release
  • Quick Start document to install and start using the Platform in a few quick steps
  • Compatibility matrix to view the supported third-party software applications
  • FAQs to get answers to frequently asked questions
  • Root video link to view short recordings of the Platform features for a root administrator
  • Account video links to view short recordings of the Platform features for an account administrator
  • Installation Guide to know the steps to install the downloaded product
  • Administration Guide to understand the Platform UI as an account administrator
  • Configuration Guide to configure the Platform in your environment as a root