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Minutes of UGM Aepona's message delivery platform - September 2023

In the last user group meeting (virtual live session) on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, we discussed on Aepona’s Message Delivery Platform - its features, architecture, components and benefits.

The minutes of the meeting-

AEPONA AMP – Message Delivery Platform

In this user group meeting, we discussed about another interesting aspect of the Aepona AMP product, which is the Message Delivery Platform available for customers.

Aepona has a long history of providing A2P and P2A messaging solutions in any scale. Both Bulk and Premium messaging solution are deployed globally. On premise, private cloud and public cloud deployments are managed and operated by Aepona.

Aepona’s Message Delivery Platform (MDP)

The Solution

  • MDP is a production proven solution for massive scale bulk messaging
  • Not only bulk but also premium messaging is supported against telco charging interfaces
  • Lightweight stable product with modern features

What’s more to the solution

  • Not only SMPP to SMS messaging but so SMPP to email is also supported
  • Payment and settlement engine is also an optional part of solution
  • Easy customer onboarding with developer portal

Where the solution should be hosted

  • MDP can be deployed in on-premise data centers with minimum hardware footprint
  • MDP can also be deployed in cloud environment with utilizing cloud native features


  • Scalable: Add channels, departments and sites for increased volume and use features extensively.
  • Quick Implementation: Go live within 8 weeks
  • NLP: Advanced language processing based on business rules and contextual data
  • Intuitive CMS: No coding skills required thanks to the very user-friendly interface.
  • Compliant Platform: Meeting high security standards.
  • AI Power: Learn from each conversations and improve based on your knowledge base.
Consolidate different messaging services to single solution
Design and implement robust services
Go to market quickly and accelerate revenue generation

If you want us to show a complete demo of Aepona AMP 9.0 new features, or related to marketplace hosting or partner with us, please feel free to reply or drop an email to us.

We also encourage you to follow us and participate in offline LinkedIn discussion forum (link) to share your feedback, suggestions and viewpoint. If you have any suggestions or feedback or any query related to user group meetings, please feel to approach me or drop an email to PFA the deck used during the session.

Like always, we look forward to see the same enthusiasm in our upcoming User Group meeting on 18th October 2023. Follow us on LinkedIn forum for latest and greatest updates here.