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Radia & Microsoft Authentication Code Revocation

This article provides further information regarding the Microsoft authentication code revocation announcement made in August of 2014 is now available. This article is closed for comments, please log a support case if you have a question that is not answered below. Accelerite Customer Support will continue to update this document as questions are requested and answered.

Original Announcement:

Common Questions:

  • What was the reason for the alert?

This alert was distributed to inform all customers that a Microsoft authentication code will be revoked on October 21st 2014. Radia / HPCA releases developed by HP between May 26th, 2010 and December 18th, 2011 were used to sign software developed for the Microsoft platform.

  • Is this security related?

While Accelerite is not aware of related security risks, there could be isolated cases where third party security software or high security settings can impact the normal operations of software signed by this revoked certificate.

Current Status:

Accelerite has worked to release patches to help resolve any problems the Microsoft authentication code revocation could cause. Accelerite has performed exhaustive testing of the Radia product to reproduce problems that could be caused by the Microsoft authentication code revocation; that testing did NOT uncover any issues with the functionality of the product. Whilst it is impossible to guarantee there will be no issues on October 21st, when the authentication code is revoked, Accelerite has not seen any detrimental behavior in the Radia product. The correct course of action remains to upgrade to the latest version of the Radia product or the latest patch release.