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Preparing Virtual Machine using ConVirt 1.x

If you are a ConVirt 1.x user, you can use the following procedure to prepare a virtual machine. You can then install ConVirt2 within it. Note: This would be an HVM virtual machine, so VT enabled processor is required or the managed server.

  • Download the Linux Distribution DVD iso.
    • Select the Common Image Group under the Image Store.
    • Select Linux CD install under Common and invoke 'Create Like' menu. Give a name, ConVirt2.
    • Select and edit ConVirt2 Image.
      • In the Disk area, Edit the cdrom disk entry : Change disk type to ISO and provide the path to the ISO.
      • Change the CPU = 2, memory=512
      • Go to Miscellaneous tab and set acpi=1, apci=1 and network_mode=tap
    • Go to the provisioning tab and make sure you have enough space at the location referred by VM_DISKS_DIR
    • Provision a Virtual Machine using the ConVirt2 image and Start it.
    • This will kick off the installation.
      • During installation create a user "convirt"
    • Select the Virtual Machine, use the "Set Boot Device" menu and choose to boot from Disk now.
    • Restart the VM.
  • Now you can go back to the installation procedure and install ConVirt2 Management Server bits in this new virtual machine.