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Known bugs/caveats

  • When using ConVirt in Xen 3.1+/3.0.4 mixes environments, please ensure that ConVirt is run on a 3.1+ node. ConVirt running on a 3.0.4 node isn't forward compatible for managing Xen 3.1+ servers.
  • You might have to enter credentials for the same server multiple times when password based authentication scheme is used for managed server as opposed to key based authentication.
For example :
* When the server is expanded
* When terminal window is opened for selected VM
* When an operation requires remote file access and gnome-vfs is enabled in ConVirt configuration.
  • Sometimes, the guest VM tab showing the virtual machine terminal fails to redraw properly. Clicking on the terminal and sending a Ctrl+l and/or some keystrokes often helps.
  • When the Virtual machine configuration file is changed, the directives may get saved in different order.
  • On some platforms (SLES) the password field generates gtk/pango warnings and displays "?" characters or blank/nothing as you type. Ignore this, the password that you type in, is read correctly by ConVirt.
  • Using XMLRPC over SSH Tunnel option to connect to the xen server causes "no column found: line 1, colum 0 " error.
  • ConVirt crashes or hangs intermittently.