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Virtual Network Management

ConVirt 1.1 allows virtual networks to be created on a managed server. VMs can be on separate virtual networks isolated from each other.

Adding new Virtual Network

To add a new virtual network,

  • select a managed server
  • click Manage Virtual Networks context menu. This will bring up the list of defined virtual networks.
  • Click on the Add button to add a new network.
The following information for creating a new network needs to be provided.
Name : name of the new network
Description : Some textual description for the network being defined.
Select if you want to create an isolated network or a NAT forwarded netowrk
Isolated network : VMs on this network will able to talk to each other, but would be able to access other networks
NAT Forwarded : VMs on this network will be able to talk to each other and would have access to other networks via NATing.
Address space : Select the IPv4 network space. e.g.
DHCP Range : Select the IPv4 address range for VMs on this network. e.g.
Bridge Name : ConVirt created a bridge (software switch) for each network. You can alter the default bridge name suggested by ConVirt.

Using created network

Once the virtual network is created, use the following steps to specify a VM on that network.

  • Select a VM and click Change VM Settings from the context menu.
The Networks section specifies networks the VM would connect to.
  • Click on Add button to get to the "Network Interface Details' dialog
  • Select the network from the drop down list.
  • Press ok on the "Network Interface Details' dialog and the 'VM Settings Dialog'