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ConVirt 1.1 provides a command level interface (CLI) for ConVirt managed environment. Most of the common operations can be invoked from command line. This enables automation of management tasks across the whole virtualized environment.

CLI Operations

The ComVirt CLI can be invoked by running convirt-cli. Invoking convirt-cli without any parameter gives a good summary of operations that are currently supported. Here is a short descriptions of operations that can be performed using convirt-cli on the ConVirt workstation.

   Server Pool operations:
       List all server pool names
       Adds a server pool
       Remove a server pool
   Server operations:
       Add a server
       Remove a server
       Edit server details
       List all managed serves
       Show managed server information
       List all vms
       Migrate all vms
       Kill all vms
       Start all vms
       Shutdown all vms
       Provision a new vm
       Restore a vm
   VM operations:
       Delete a vm
       Kills a vm
       Migrate a vm
       Pause a vm
       Reboot a  vm
       Resume a paused vm
       Set boot device for vm
       Start a vm
       Shutdown a vm
       Take a snapshot of a vm.
   Image operations:
       Lists all images