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Microsoft has released 12 Security Bulletins, MS15-124 through MS15-135

On Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015 Microsoft has released 12 Security Bulletins (MS15-124,MS15-125,MS15-126,MS15-127,MS15-128,MS15-129,MS15-130,MS15-131,MS15-132,MS15-133,MS15-134,MS15-135).


Customers running HPCA/RCA Patch Manager Versions 7.x,  8.1, 9.0, 9.1 or 9.2 utilizing "Microsoft Update Catalog Only" or "Microsoft Update Catalog, OpenView Legacy Catalog" as their preferred Microsoft data feed prioritization can begin acquisition and management using Patch Manager, without having to wait for HP/Persistent supplied data feed corrections specific to these bulletins.



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    It doesn't appear that MS15-135 acquired when I tried, did I miss something?
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    John Edmondson
    It did not come down for us either. We have not tried since, but will be trying again shortly (when MS decides to update their offline scan file for todays patches)
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    Rangesh Vaidya
    The reason nothing is being acquired for MS15-135 is because the .msu updates are coming from the MS15-128 bulletin. When running an MBSA scan separately shows the vulnerability under the MS15-128, when installing Windows6.1-KB3109094-x64.msu (which is corresponds to MS15-135) we see that MS15-128 is mitigated under KB3109094 (except for Windows 10). This is shown by the below link under the “How to obtain and install the update” section: Specifically in this security update you will see the below section and the download link to the MS15-135 Bulletin Also linked below This can be observed in the download of the MS15-128 as well where the KB3109094 is downloaded instead of under MS15-135. The reason why we don't see the MS15-135 not acquired.