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Persistent Multicloud Migrator (SUREedge) | October 2023 UGM MoM

In another exciting session of User Group Meeting (virtual live session) on October 25 2023, we discussed the Persistent Multicloud Migrator product. We covered migrating workloads from any source infrastructure to any target infrastructure, the technology, benefits, architecture, workflow and use cases.

Minutes of the meeting -

Persistent Multi-Cloud Migrator
  • Migrates servers, applications, and data from any infrastructure to any cloud or hybrid environment.
  • Supports a wide variety of Platforms (31 versions of Windows and Linux) and Infrastructures (7 cloud and hybrid) than the competition.
  • Easy to deploy and use for large number of servers.
Use Cases:
  • Migration over Public Network – Built-in AES 256 military grade encryption.
  • Migration over secure VPN – Simple single sided deployment.
  • Migrate to staging workspace for Application Modernization
  • Large scale Offline Data Migration using Multi-cloud Data Transfer Appliance for data seeding.
  • Incremental Sync Over the Wire after Data Seeding the initial copy to lower Migration cutover time.
Technology Benefits
  • Secure - Data Security, Data Integrity, Network Security, AES 256 encryption for data inflight and at rest
  • Cost Saver – (50%) – Automatic WAN optimization. Restart where it left off when network connection drops, Deduped and compressed in-flight data, Reduces egress cost in the source cloud.
  • Global deduplication for data inflight and at rest.
  • Fast – Fastest time to production. Capture live applications and sync delta before cutover. Use Transfer Appliance to transfer PBs of data offline and then sync the delta over the network before a cutover.
  • Allows right sizing at the target environment after migration.

We highly value your input and expertise and would like to invite you to our next month’s meeting, 22nd or 29th November 2023. Your presence and active participation would be greatly appreciated as we continue to explore these product areas further.

If you are interested in learning more about the new product features, we are more than happy to provide you with a personalized demo. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at to arrange a convenient time for the demonstration.

Thank you for your great participation and contributions to user group meetings. We look forward to your participation in our future endeavors. Lastly, we invite you to join our LinkedIn forum to stay updated on our latest development and insights, please click here to join.