Accelerite releases Hot Fix 3 for CloudPlatform


Accelerite is pleased to announce Hotfix 3 for the customers running Accelerite® CloudPlatform version This hotfix, which includes Hotfix 01 and Hotfix 02, enables the customers running CloudPlatform to upgrade to this Hotfix directly.

Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 3 addresses issues reported on downloading the template that is created from a volume.

The product download for Accelerite® CloudPlatform version Hotfix 3 is available for logged in users at:     

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    Thura Minn minn

    Hi ,
    I assume this is the place for announcing new release of CloudPlatform.
    But I cannot find the similar place for CloudPortal.
    So how can I know if any new release or patch comes out for CloudPortal?


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