Accelerite releases Hot Fix 05 for CloudPlatform


Accelerite is pleased to announce Hotfix 05 for the customers running Accelerite® CloudPlatform version This hotfix includes Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 01, Hotfix 02, Hotfix 03, and Hotfix 04 as well, which enables the customers running Accelerite® CloudPlatform version to upgrade to this Hotfix directly. 

Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 05 addresses the issues reported on the following: 

  • updatePortForwardingRule API call on Accelerite CloudPlatform version 4.5.1
  • Unavailability of UUID of the snapshot events to the users from the UI
  • Primary storage resource count while creating and attaching the disk
  • Persistence of volume snapshot on the local storage after the storage migration
  • Ability to limit the public IP addresses in a VPC configuration
  • Non-functioning of additional public subnet IP address while configuring LB rules on VPC
  • Consistency in accessing console on the instances hosted on Hyper-V version 2012
  • Certain tasks such as creating VM, starting VM, creating snapshot, and so on that never gets completed on the UI
  • Email alert message on frequent disconnection of Site-to-Site VPN
  • Incorrect display of the instance-id metadata for a Baremetal VM
  • Impact on usage when a template is copied back to a zone from where it was deleted earlier
  • Problem with specifying IPv6 CIDR greater than 32 while adding a guest network
  • Inability to remove the base snapshots of the volumes from the primary storage of the XenServer host after expunging a VM

The product download for Accelerite® CloudPlatform version Hotfix 05 is available for logged in users at:

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