Accelerite® Releases CloudPlatform Version 4.7.1


Accelerite® CloudPlatform version 4.7.1 is here! The CloudPlatform software pools computing resources to build public, private, and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. CloudPlatform manages the network, storage, and the compute nodes that make up the cloud infrastructure. Hundreds of enterprises and telcos/Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) use CloudPlatform at scale to deploy, manage, configure – and sell - cloud computing environments.

Accelerite® CloudPlatform version 4.7.1 includes new features in Networking, Storage, Operations, and Quality Improvements. 

  • Networking

    Supporting multiple networks on a Baremetal host, hosting VRs on XenServer and KVM along with VMWare for deploying Baremetal hosts, and supporting destination CIDR to control egress traffic

  • Storage

    Supporting simultaneous creation of multiple snapshots of the volumes

  • Operations

    Upgrading VRs with minimal downtime using shadow mode, performing cold migration of VMs and volumes from the source to the destination host directly, cancelling asynchronous user API operations that have been running for a longer duration, and resizing root disk on XenServer and VMWare

  • Quality Improvements

    Improving volume and template states, supporting the Metrics view that displays the information about resources and help administrators navigate hierarchically to a specific resource

Logged in users of Accelerite® Support Portal can download for Accelerite® CloudPlatform version 4.7.1 by clicking here.

As a Technical Preview, Accelerite® CloudPlatform integrates with the open source container orchestration platform, Kubernetes. This integration enables you to deploy a Kubernetes cluster. VMs or Baremetal hosts that are deployed on CloudPlatform can constitute this cluster. This integration with Kubernetes helps you automate deployment, scaling, and operation of application containers across clusters of hosts. Click here to download the Kubernetes package.

As a new customer, you can directly install CloudPlatform version 4.7.1. Existing customers can upgrade to CloudPlatform version 4.7.1 from the following earlier releases of CloudPlatform:

  • CloudPlatform 4.7
  • CloudPlatform 4.5.1
  • CloudPlatform 4.5
  • CloudPlatform 4.3
  • CloudPlatform 4.2
  • CloudPlatform 3.0.7

APIs that have been modified as part of CloudPlatform 4.7.1 are documented in the API reference pages. For more information, see the API Reference (downloadable .zip).

The issues that customers reported on the previous releases and addressed in CloudPlatform version 4.7.1 are documented in the Accelerite® CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack) Version 4.7.1 Release Notes. Also, this Release Notes contains information on Support Matrix and Known Issues.

Click here to access all Accelerite® CloudPlatform version 4.7.1 product manuals.

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