Radia Patch Manager Support for Windows Delta Updates


Monthly Delta update is new and an interim solution from Microsoft that helps administrators push only the differential patch content for a specific month to end points, compared to cumulative updates.
These updates include just the changes developed since the previous Cumulative update. These relatively small packages make the deployment faster and easier, especially in large networks and help the IT administrators avoid pushing 300+ MBs of cumulative patch content every patch Tuesday. For more information about Delta Updates here:



Accelerite is happy to inform that the support for Delta Updates is available on Radia 10.0 version from the month of February, customers running 10.0 can acquire & deploy Delta updates for their Win10 branches and Win2016 released by Microsoft from February onwards. Accelerite has released Delta Updates support for Radia 9.x as well starting this April.

Delta update is applicable for servicing of Windows 10, version 1607 (Anniversary Update), version 1703 (Creators Update), and version 1709 (Fall Creators Update).
1709 will be the last Win10 branch supporting Delta Updates and the subsequent branches will be supported only with "Express File Update". Accelerite is also working on "Express File Update" solution as well and it’d be available for customers sometime this year.


To support Delta updates, Radia releases customized metadata files or custom XMLs for each available branch after 3 days from the patch updates are released.
These custom XMLs are named MSDL-KBXXXXXXX, where MSDL stands for Microsoft Delta Updates and KBXXXXXXX is the KB number. For example, Delta updates are named as MSDL-KB4038788 whereas Cumulative update are named as MS-KB4038788. All the existing acquisition and compliance reports in Radia are applicable to Delta updates. Radia Administrator can view the deployment of Delta updates under Patch Management Reports.

Accelerite has published the necessary documentation that helps IT administrators understand Delta updates, the prerequisites required to roll out Delta Updates, and a few words of cautions as released by Microsoft while rolling it out. The documentation includes some interesting use cases under which the Delta can be applied. Download the documentation for Managing_Delta_Patches.PDF


For additional information on Delta Updates, please write to support@accelerite.com and we will get back to you promptly.

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