Introducing the Sentient Stack

Radia Customer Advisory

Following on from our strategy to consolidate our Endpoint products into one stack, we are happy to announce that Radia and Sentient together will be called Sentient stack. This will give our existing and new customers, an opportunity to leverage and benefit from Radia’s scalability and desired state management added with the power of Sentient’s hyper-current and real time query and analysis capability.  You can read more about Sentient here:

As a part of the consolidation exercise, the new Radia Cumulative Patches will also rename the product from Radia to Sentient.  This will mean that the Radia name and Radia logos present in the Core & Satellite Consoles and agent screens will start reflecting Sentient and Sentient Logo. There are no additional steps for the admins to take care of this and just applying the respective Radia patches will take care of it. This also means the newly released hot-fixes will also contain the Sentient branding and Sentient Logo.

The release dates of Radia Cumulative Patches are as follows:

CPE Patch


9.1 CP5


9.2 CP2


10.0 CP1



Sentient allows administrators to proactively query real-time status of their environment and get immediate response from all endpoints. Making it easy for IT administrators to locate problem areas in their network of endpoints quickly, and fix them with appropriate remediation actions.

The latest Sentient release comes loaded with capabilities - to name a few:

  • IPv6 support for windows clients
  • Support for parameterized custom script execution
  • Dynamic return value listing and analytics
  • Quick menu view of top 5 results
  • Alerting

The Sentient Configuration Server (SCS) will be bundled with the upcoming Cumulative Patches of Radia 9.1 (CP5), 9.2 (CP2) and 10.0 (CP1). This will enable our customers to install SCS along with Radia, if they so wish. Through SCS, other Sentient servers and clusters can be installed and rolled out across the enterprise. SCS can run on Windows 2008 or 2012 server and can coexist with Radia Core server.

Making SCS available will help our Radia customers running the most stable and scalable Endpoint tool get the additional benefits of real time visibility and analysis of their Endpoint infrastructure.  If you have any more questions, please write to us at

*These dates are subject to change.

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