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Accelerite CloudPlatform Hotfix 03 Announcement

Accelerite is pleased to announce Hotfix 03 for the customers using Accelerite® CloudPlatform version

The Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 03 includes product fixes in the following areas:

  • VM Life Cycle
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Usage 

Click here to see the list of issues addressed in Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 03. 

The Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 03 release includes the following improvements:

  • Distinction between hardshutdown and ForcedCleanup while destroying a VM.
  • Migration of VMs from ACP UI between the hosts.
  • Auto-generation of VM names while deploying VM's using the Bulkdeploy API.

The product download for Accelerite® CloudPlatform version Hotfix 03 is available for logged in users at