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Accelerite releases Hotfix 01 for CloudPlatform 4.11

Accelerite is pleased to announce hotfix 01 for the customers using Rovius CP v4.11.0.1.

The Rovius CP hotfix 01 includes product fixes in the following areas:

  • VM Life Cycle
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Usage

Click here to see the list of issues addressed in Rovius CP hotfix 01. 

The Rovius CP hotfix 01 release includes the following improvements:

  • Added support of Centos 7.4 and RHEL 7.4 as Management Server OS.
  • Migration of VM's from Rovius CP UI between hosts with different hypervisor versions.
  • Support for Debian 8.
  • Dynamic role-based access control API*.

The product download for Rovius CP hotfix 01 is available for logged in users at 

*Addendum to Rovius CP 4.11 Administration Guide.