Radia Feature Update for Windows 10 Reports


Accelerite is happy to announce new features enhancement on Radia Reporting Manager to show uniform Windows 10 versions information. The Windows 10 reports will now contain OS version, Build and Release information all in a single report in the format shown below.

“Enterprise Version 10.0.14393 [Build 14393] [Release 1607]”

The following are the reports which will be affected by this new feature enhancement and can be applied on 10.0 CP1.

Inventory Management Reports -> Executive Summaries -> Hardware Summary



Inventory Management Reports -> Operational Reports -> Managed Devices



Windows 10 upgrade Report -> Windows 10 upgrade via Software Service


And some other reports which are part of this feature upgrade, under Inventory Management Reports are as listed below.

Hardware Reports -> Summary Report -> Count by Operating System

Readiness Reports -> Windows 10

Hardware Reports -> Detail Report -> Hardware Summary

Hardware Reports -> Detail Report -> Managed Devices

This uniformity in reports will help the administrators assess the status of their end point infrastructure easily and will help identify end points running different Windows 10 versions.

Please reach out to Radia support team if you have any queries.

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