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Accelerite releases Hotfix 05 for CloudPlatform 4.11

Accelerite is pleased to announce 4.11 hotfix 05 for the customers using Rovius CP v.

The Rovius CP 4.11 hotfix 05 includes product fixes primarily in the following areas:

  • Snapshot
  • Networking
  • Local ISO Upload

Click here to see the list of issues addressed in Rovius CP v.4.11 hotfix 05.

The Rovius CP v.4.11 hotfix 05 release includes the following improvements:

  • (Experimental): Support for a newer version of XenServer.
  • Support to change the corespersocket value of VM with the changeServiceforVirtualMachine API.
  • Setup-ready scripts to quickly bring up the XenServer host.
  • (Experimental): Support for MySQL 5.7 database.
  • (Experimental): Support for VMware 6.7.
  • Support to upload local ISO directly from the Rovius CP GUI.

The following documents are an addendum to Rovius CP 4.11 Administration Guide.

  • Rovius CP Firewall Logging.
  • Tech Notes on Transit VPC Use Case.

The product download for Rovius CP v.4.11 hotfix 05 is available for logged in users at