Accelerite Radia and O365

In today’s competitive times, enterprises are under a constant pressure of keeping their technologies up to date without losing on man hours. To meet these ever-increasing demands, MS Office has introduced Office 365 click-to-run. With an array of inbuilt features, it has also added complexities of deployment and operation. That’s exactly where Accelerite Radia steps in to enable the deployment of click-to-run in an enterprise without disrupting its existing set of processes/programs. The Office 365 components stream in the background so that the users can continue using the apps without having to wait for the entire package to download. It also facilitates execution of the program in an environment that has older versions of Office. New devices benefit from already downloaded updates thereby saving a lot of time. 

Watch the video to know how Accelerite Radia accentuates the Office 365 click-to-run experience.


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