Express Patching with Accelerite Radia

With the MS-Windows cumulative updates growing larger and crossing even 500 MB size, the intranet bandwidth consumption has increased multi-fold. Express update is a means provided by Microsoft to push only the differentials rather than the complete binary, significantly reducing the intranet bandwidth consumption. 

Radia provides support for MS Express Patching. It provides finer control over the Express Updates both during acquisition and deployment level. Radia also provides a finer control at the KB level thereby offering a hybrid model of patching for the customer. For the customer, they are not bound to a single model and have flexibility over the way of patching with Radia. For the existing Radia administrator, nothing changes thus reducing the learning curve, since Radia patching mechanism continues to remain the same with an added option for Express installation. With the use of Radia, customer need not keep adapting to the changes in the evolving technology. Radia ensures that the underlying complexity is transparent to the administrator. 

Watch the video demonstrating how Accelerite Radia empowers the IT Administrator to take better control of express patching activities


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