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How to Update the SystemVM ISO in Rovius CP 4.11

Product: Rovius CP 4.11

Type : How To



This article describes how to update the SystemVM ISO.


On Management Server (MS)

  1. Stop the MS.
  2. Backup the existing SystemVM.ISO.
  • For 4.11, go to /usr/share/cloudstack-common/vms
  1. Copy the new SystemVM.ISO.
  2. Start the MS and wait until UI comes up.

On the Hypervisor Hosts

For XenServer/VMWare/KVM

  • Download/Copy the script to Rovius CP Management Server.
  • From the Rovius CP Management Server, run the following command:


  • Stop/Start SystemVMs.
  • Stop/Start RouterVMs.

For HyperV Hosts

  • Delete the SystemVM.ISO from all the hosts in the directory: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Hyper-V\Virtual hard disks\.
  • Stop/Start SystemVMs.
  • Stop/Start RouterVMs.
  • Delete the ISO from the <secondary storage>/systemvm directory.