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Accelerite is happy to announce the availability of our latest Radia release – Radia 10.0 CP3. Which means staying current with Radia is that much easier and removes the pain of migrating from a previous release. CP3 offers an extensive range of new features and enhancements on top of Radia 10.0 CP1 that will help you manage your endpoint infrastructure much more efficiently.


Here is a quick overview of what is new in CP3. 


10.0 CP3 Click-to-Run (C2R) is an alternative to the Windows Installer-based (MSI) method of installing and updating Office. The MSI based version of Office uses Windows Installer technology, which is a traditional method of installing and updating Office. The C2R based version of Office uses Click-to-Run, a Microsoft streaming and virtualization technology, which allows you to open and start to use the product before the entire product is installed.

C2R uses Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) technology to run Office in an isolated environment. This allows multiple versions of Office 365 products to coexist on an endpoint. Radia uses the App-V client to stream Office product files from Radia Satellites over the network. This feature is available for all Windows 7 to Windows 10 endpoints. 


Enterprises are facing the risk of managing privileged identities and their passwords. Radia can now be integrated with any Password Vault manager. With this integration, enterprises using Radia can centrally manage credentials for various servers that are installed in the Radia environment.


  • Express Installation
  • Enhanced Google Chrome Patch Management
  • Windows 10 Feature Upgrades and Service Updates
  • RHEL Patching - Enhanced Radia RHEL patch management to support Red Hat Subscription Manager. This enhancement helps to manage security risks in Red Hat endpoints, helping the organization remain fully compliant.


  • Preloading OS Images on Local and External Drives for Deployment.
  • Support for Multiple Disk.


Radia Peer-to-Peer (Radia P2P) is a contemporary and secure feature that allows efficient distribution of large cumulative patches, software, or OS updates. It’s an optional feature that can be enabled or disabled, and when enabled, distributes cumulative patches or OS upgrades through software in a P2P way, reducing the load on Satellite and bandwidth significantly. P2P is supported for patch management, software management, and Windows OS upgrades through software manager in CP1.


With a vision to consolidate the endpoint products into one stack, Radia and Sentient together will be called Sentient stack going forward. The changes have been introduced with 10.0 CP1 release. The patch installation will rename the product from Radia to Sentient Enterprise. You’ll see the Core and Satellite consoles and agents reflecting the re-branded Sentient name and logo.

In addition to the above, several maintenance and bug fixes that improve performance, scale and usability are included.


Download the Patch here, today and try out its new capabilities. Feel free to get in touch with us at radia@accelerite.com or http://support.accelerite.com to know more about Radia 10.0 CP3.

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