Accelerite Customer Advisory: Adobe Flash End of Support and Radia Update


Adobe has announced it is ending support for its Flash Player on December 31, 2020.

All the major browser makers, including Microsoft and Google, have announced they will be removing support for Flash from their browsers at the same time. This will include the new, Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge. Flash will be disabled as a factory setting soon, and users will need to re-enable Flash on a site-by-site basis. Flash will be completely removed from the browsers by December 31, 2020.

Radia 10.0CP3 and earlier versions use the Flash technology for the console functions. Radia 10.0CP4, targeted for release May 29, 2020, provides the updates to remove all Flash dependency in Radia and replaces it with the more futureproof HTML5.

This note advises the Radia customers how they can continue to be in compliance with least disruption.

How will this impact Radia Operations?

Accelerite is ensuring that Flash removal will not impact Radia Operations. The engineering effort around removing Flash and Flex dependency from Radia Console is complete and in the final test cycles. The upcoming cumulative patch, Radia 10.0CP4, provides this functionality through a simple update process on top of any Radia 10.0 installation. Customers running older versions of Radia will be required to migrate to Radia 10.0 and then apply the cumulative patch. This is necessary to continue using the Radia Console.

We are revamping Radia Console with HTML 5 to provide a completely new look and feel. At the same time, our user experience team is constantly working on providing the best user experience to our existing and new customers. We are also ensuring that the operational flow remains unaffected so that there is no new learning curve for our existing customers.

As a Radia Endpoint Management customer, we recommend that you read the FAQs below to understand how it may impact the removal of Flex support in various browsers. If you have any more questions on how Radia Endpoint Management can help you with this, please write to us at



  1. How does Flash end of support affect Radia customers?

    Microsoft and Google have announced removal of Flash support from their browsers after December 31, 2020. Radia Console will not launch if the browsers do not support Flash content. Customers running Radia versions 10.0 need to upgrade to the latest patch. Customers running on Radia versions 9.x must migrate to Radia version 10.0

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  2. Will this impact my day to day Operations on Radia End-Point Management?

    Once you update to the latest patch, Radia versions running on 10.0 will not be affected. However, if you are on an older Radia version (prior to 10.0), you are required to migrate to Radia 10.0 base version and then apply the latest patch.

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  3. What if I do not migrate to Radia 10.0 on my Radia Core Server?

    Radia Endpoint Management backend will continue to function, but you will not be able to log in to the Radia Console. Radia Console requires flash to launch and once the browsers stop loading flash content, logging in to the Radia Console will not be possible.

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  4. Does this mean my Radia 9.x will stop functioning after Dec 2020?

    No. If you do not utilize the Radia console, Radia 9.x will continue to operate. Please be mindful of the EOL dates for your deployed version.

    If you do utilize the console, then you will not be able to launch the console any longer since the browsers will stop running the Flash content. You may choose to use an older version of the browser that supports Flash, but you may be exposed to security gaps in both the browser software and Flash software. This is a potential risk to your organization.

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  5. What versions of Radia Endpoint Management are affected?

    All Radia versions older than Radia 10.0 will be affected.

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  6. What if I run into problems during migration to Radia 10.0, whom can I ask for help?

    Please contact the Accelerite Support team or talk to your Accelerite account manager on how Accelerite can assist you.

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  7. Is there any cost involved if I change to Radia 10.0?

    If you are current on your annual maintenance and support payments, then the software upgrade binaries are available to you at no extra cost. Please talk to your Accelerite account manager on upgrade assistance.

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  8. Is it mandatory to update to the new Cumulative Patch, CP4, on Radia 10.0?

    Yes. This patch replaces Flash with HTML5 and is a minimal impact update. Without this patch, you will not be able to launch Radia console once the browsers remove Flash support.

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