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Accelerite releases Rovius CP

Accelerite is pleased to announce the release of Rovius CP for customers using Rovius CP 4.11.0.

Rovius CP pools computing resources to build public, private, and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. Rovius CP manages the network, storage, and compute nodes that make up the cloud infrastructure. Hundreds of enterprises and telcos or Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) use Rovius CP at scale to deploy, manage, configure, and sell cloud computing environments.

The new features in Rovius CP version include:

  • Debian 10 system VM template
  • XenServer 8.2
  • Migrate VMs and volumes across multiple vCenter
  • Enable health checks for virtual routers

For more information about new features in Rovius CP, see Rovius CP New Features.

The new improvements in Rovius CP include enhancements in template synchronization, primary storage, SSVMs, snapshots, VMs, virtual routers, high availability, and improved health checks. For more information about improvements in Rovius CP, click here.

Rovius CP includes product fixes primarily in the following areas:

  • Management Server
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • VMs and volumes

To see the list of issues addressed in Rovius CP, click here.

The product download for Rovius CP 4.11.10 is available for logged in users at