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CloudPortal Business Manager 2.6.1 is here!

CloudPortal Business Manager 2.6.1 is here!

CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) is a cloud services delivery and operations platform to deliver self-service IT-as-a-service to consumers. CPBM targets service providers and enterprise IT organizations and provides a wide range of features on business operations that include built-in billing and spend tracking engines, product and catalog management, self-serviceability of resources, and integrations with payment gateways and fraud control systems. Furthermore, CPBM provides features such as Active Directory (AD) integration with push mode, upgraded CAS implementation, SAML protocol implementation, and improved password policies that are uniquely designed for the needs of enterprises.

To get the CPBM 2.6.1 software, click here.

New and existing customers can upgrade to CPBM 2.6.1 from the earlier CPBM 2.6 release with its latest patch.
Logged in users of CPBM Support Portal can download CPBM 2.6.1 from here:
See the CPBM 2.6.1 Release Notes for issues reported in earlier releases and addressed in CPBM 2.6.1 here:

CPBM 2.6.1 includes the following new features and enhancements.

Supports an upgraded version of CAS

You can use Central Authentication Service (CAS) version 5 with Java 8 in CPBM. To use an upgraded version of CAS, use two different servers; install CAS on the Apache Tomcat server version 8 or higher and CPBM on the Virgo server.

Supports multi-factor authentication

CPBM supports multi-factor authentication (with or without CAS) using TeleSign in the following scenarios:

  • To sign up and create a CPBM account
  • To log in to the CPBM portal
  • To change the password of your CPBM account
  • To reset the password (if you forget your password to log in to the CPBM portal)
  • To change your mobile number on the Profile page of the CPBM portal

Supports the MySQL HA clusters

To support high availability, CPBM integrates with the MySQL clusters.

Enables a private service instance within your cloud

To create a private cloud within your cloud using CPBM, you can now enable a private service instance in CPBM. The private instance owner is the tenant of that instance.

Customize your service offerings

You can measure the use of products using different usage types. This release includes more usage types such as CPU count, CPU speed, and RAM size, that you select while adding a service instance.

Enhanced password policies

To protect your account, an enhanced password security in CPBM includes new password policies with improved security features.

Configure a B/OSS connector for resellers

Resellers can now configure the B/OSS connectors at the channel level. CPBM allows you to configure the OSS connectors (such as Payment Gateway and HelpDesk) at the channel level while deploying a channel for each reseller. You can also configure the reseller to use all the services available to the root user of the channel.
Furthermore, CPBM allows a reseller to configure a different connector service, apart from the services being used by the channel partner. If the reseller does not configure a connector service, then, by default, CPBM applies the global settings of connector services being used by the channel partner.

Add new custom profiles

You can add new custom profiles as a service provider user, master user, or a channel administrator.

Configure the tax rate for each channel

The CPBM portal includes a new Channel Flat Tax Rate (%) field that allows you to configure the tax rate to add to the invoice amount in a channel. The default tax rate is 10%.

Redirects FQDN from a different domain name to a single name

You can set an FQDN prefix to specify settings at the channel level and override the settings configured at the portal level.

Supports a new operator service provider profile

CPBM supports a new operator service provider profile. This profile can customize access to cloud resources and modify resources such as start or stop VMs and take a snapshot. However, this profile cannot modify or delete resources or any other settings.

Create multiple channel administrators for a reseller account

For a reseller account, you can now create and manage multiple channel administrators. Furthermore, a user with the channel administrator profile can change the ownership of the channel.

Support AD and LDAP directories for legacy users

To improve security, current and new users in CPBM can switch authentication from the CPBM database to LDAP or Active Directory.

Support the SAML protocol

To improve security and to use Single Sign-on (SSO), CPBM supports the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol. For CPBM, it works with Active Directory and uses the WSO2 Identity Server to exchange authentication and authorization data between servers.