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Announcement Radia (Sentient Endpoint Manager) 10.0 CP5

Download Radia 10.0 CP5


After the much awaited and successful release of CP4 last year, Accelerite and the Radia team are happy to announce the availability of our latest Radia release – Radia 10.0 CP5. We continue to focus on four key areas – Security, Insights, Automation, and Continuity. CP5 continues to improve on the ease of installation for a better experience.

Radia 10.0 CP5 offers an extensive range of new features and enhancements in the key areas and beyond, that will help you manage your endpoint infrastructure more efficiently.


  • Enhanced Vulnerability Scanning – An enhancement is made to the Radia Security and Compliance Management feature to monitor and manage security vulnerabilities and configuration compliance across your environment. Radia is integrated with Accelerite Content Network to obtain the latest vulnerabilities, compliance definitions, and security and compliance scanners. The scanner is now SCAP 1.2 compliant.
  • Dual Factor Authentication – Support for Cisco Duo
  • Enterprise Password Vault – One of the biggest challenges that enterprises are facing today is the risk of managing privileged identities and their passwords. To address this risk, Radia can now be integrated with any Password Vault manager.
  • SSL Support for Radia Management Agent (RMA) – Currently, SSL support (one-way or two-way) is available on the server for Radia agent installation. With this release, one-way or two-way SSL can be enabled during Radia Management Agent (RMA) deployment as well.

Insights & Visibility:

  • Radia infrastructure Monitoring – The Radia Monitoring feature allows administrators to configure Radia servers for monitoring the ongoing Radia services, components, and server health with time-series based graphs. The centralized monitoring system comes along with a dashboard that is visual, data-oriented, and comprehensive.
  • Radia Remote Control – Support for approval based remote control
  • Radia Advanced Remote Control – The Radia Advanced Remote Control feature enables users to take a VNC session on devices remotely using an elaborate email-based approval workflow. An administrator sets up the complete infrastructure including creating users, assigning appropriate roles and capabilities, and performing all configurations required for users to initiate and establish a remote VNC session. In addition, VNC reports are generated to monitor and analyze success and failed sessions.
  • Radia Device Discovery (Technology preview) – The Radia Device Discovery feature enables you to discover all devices within a subnet or subnet range in your environment that are not managed by Radia. In addition, reports are generated to analyze such devices and deploy agents accordingly.
  • Next-Gen Reporting (using ELK stack) – Radia Next-Gen reports allow you to generate rich reports of any data visualization or dashboard, within minutes. These reports are highly configurable and scalable and provide real time insights. You can generate, schedule, and email these reports. Furthermore, they can provide historical data in the form of graphs, charts, and so on.


  • Radia WakeOnLan – Wake-on-LAN (WoL) is a computer networking standard that remotely wakes up or boots up the powered off endpoint devices present in the network. The administrators can wake up these devices to perform various scheduled maintenance tasks such as install software patches or updates. By remotely waking up the devices, one can avoid physical visit of each device on the network.
  • Radia Autopilot – Traditionally, deploying new Windows devices has always been a challenge. Every time a new Windows device is deployed, custom images are required to be built, maintained, and applied to make the device ready-to-use for new users. Microsoft Windows Autopilot with Radia simplifies the end-to-end lifecycle of Windows devices for both IT and end-users. It revolutionizes the way new devices are deployed, reset, and repurposed with almost zero-touch experience.

Business Continuity and Modernization:

  • 64-bit support – Radia MacOS agent is now a 64-bit agent.
  • Radia Smart Agents – Radia Smart Agents are the next generation Radia Agents that have the capability to download the data and serve it to the other agents. As part of this release, we have added more intelligence in the Leadership election process.
  • Office 365 Standalone Support – Deploy O365 in a standalone mode. We have extended the O365 support with the previously released feature of C2R (Click2Run).

List of Third-Party Upgrades

Below are some of the third-party upgrades that are delivered as a part of 10.0 CP5:

  • OpenSSL 1.1.1j
  • Wildfly 22.0.0
  • Support for MySQL versions (Community and Enterprise Editions)
    • MySQL 5.6.51
    • MySQL 8.0.23
  • Apache 2.4.46
  • OpenLDAP 2.4.57

In addition to the above, this release includes several maintenance and bug fixes that improve performance, scale, and usability.
Download Radia CP5 patch and try out its features and capabilities.

Feel free to get in touch with us at or to know more about downloading Radia 10.0 CP5.
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