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Announcement for Rovius CP (GA)

Announcement for this Release

Rovius CP version is here! The Rovius CP software pools computing resources to build public, private, and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. Rovius CP manages the network, storage, and the compute nodes that make up the cloud infrastructure. Hundreds of enterprises and Telco or Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) use Rovius CP at scale to deploy, manage, configure, and sell cloud computing environments.

Rovius CP release includes new features in Networking, Storage, Configuration, Deployment, and Improvements.

  • Networking

    • Rovius CP allows upgrading virtual routers in zero downtime.
    • Rovius CP allows you to freeze the allocation of public IP addresses. You acquire and assign a public IP address to a VM through static NAT.

    • Rovius CP extends the private VLAN (PVLAN) support to Layer 2 (L2) networks.

    • Rovius CP can exempt specific subnets of guest isolated networks in a specified zone from usage calculation.

    • Using Rovius CP, you can enable remote access VPN to connect to a VPC VR and then connect to a VMS in a co-location network through a private gateway. A remote access VPN can also connect to Rovius CP and then connect MPLS on the co-location network to Rovius CP by using a private gateway.

    • For the VMware and Citrix hypervisors, Rovius CP allows an administrator to set a dynamic rate limit for VMs and virtual routers.

    • Rovius CP allows you to give the source and destination CIDRs in the ACL rules.

    • Rovius CP supports backward compatibility of VRs.

    • Rovius CP allows you to pass more configuration metadata to a user VM during deployment across hypervisors.

  • Storage

    • On the VMware hypervisor, Rovius CP allows back up or copy operations of volume snapshots.

    • In the VMware hypervisor, Rovius CP supports batch processing of volume snapshots of a VM.

  • Configuration

    • Using Rovius CP, you can set asynchronous job time-outs at a global level in the Management Server.

    • Rovius CP supports various GPU cards with different configurations across all the supported hypervisors.

  • Deployment

    • Rovius CP allows cloud operators (public and private) to discover, onboard, and import existing VMs in an infrastructure.

    • You can deploy multiple VMs through the Rovius CP UI, deploy a VM instance from a VM snapshot on the Citrix hypervisor, and resize a root disk when a VM is in the power ON state on the VMware hypervisor.

  • Backup and Recover VMs

    To prevent data loss, Rovius CP users can back up their guest VMs for recovery using third-party backup solutions.

  • Improvements

    This release includes multiple improvements in various components.

Logged in users of Rovius Support Portal can download Rovius CP by clicking here.

As a new customer, you can directly install Rovius CP version Existing customers can upgrade to Rovius CP version from the earlier release of 4.11.0 or 4.11.0.HFx.

APIs that have been modified as part of Rovius CP are documented in the API reference pages. For more information, see the API Reference

The issues that customers reported on the previous releases and addressed in Rovius CP are documented in the Rovius CP Release Notes. This Release Notes also contains information on Support Matrix and Known Issues.

Click here to access all Rovius CP product manuals.