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  1. What is User Group Meeting (UGM)?

    Answer: It’s a community built for the Persistent users, by the Persistent users, and together we build this community. This is one platform that creates myriad of opportunities:

    • To connect every month (on recurring basis)
    • To hear about the new and latest product developments, releases, best practices, market, and other initiatives.
    • To talk informally with Product and Business leaders, engineering, and support teams
    • To network with other product users and partners.

    We invite you to actively participate and take pride in contributing to this community.


  2. How will the user benefit from this UGM?

    Answer: User group helps the product users and partners in many ways. To list few,

    • an early access to the product information, news, and releases.
    • You are privileged to be part of planning phase and influence our roadmap
    • The crucial part is you can give feedback or feed-forward which will bring significant difference in our products.
    • This forum can also be used to express some of your challenges and solutions that helped you to resolve them, collaborate with other users on how product can be used at its best for some of the most complex use cases, share best practices and leverage expertise from Product team.
    • This is open forum for the users to discuss innovation, new ideas, a think tank, best practices across industry, market and competitors, etc.


  3. Who can attend this user group meeting? Can I nominate someone else? Or forward this invitation?

    Answer: In lieu of pandemic and travel restrictions across the globe, we will host virtual UGM every month. The UGM invite is sent to all the users and partners associated with Persistent products. In case we have missed to send the invite to your colleagues who are product users as well please feel free to extend this invite. Our aim is to expand the UGM community so that our product users and partners can reap maximum benefits and stay tuned to latest products news and updates.


  4. What is the cadence for UGM?

    Answer: We will be operating into two modes -

    1. Product specific UGM will be held once in a month
      • There will be one UGM per product every month. For more information, you can refer to the calendar.
      • We will have two sessions to cover across time zones, you are free to attend as per your time zone, suitability.
    2. Common UGM on interim basis
      • The common UGM will focus on Persistent strategy, business plans, products roadmap, new launches, best Industry practices, feedback, innovation, new ideas, etc. This year we will host these sessions remotely however we will reconsider after 6 months. if situation improves, we may plan in-person user summit. We will keep you posted in advance for any changes in the plan.


  5. Where can I find UGM resources?

    Answer: The resources like minutes of meeting, meeting recordings, and other artifacts will be made available on Zendesk right after the meeting. You can also access Calendar and Agenda for upcoming UGMs on Zendesk.


  6. How do I find the schedule for next UGM? or Agenda for next UGM?

    Answer: The calendar will be published and revised on timely basis. The next UGM schedule will be published 15 days in advance with the agenda on Zendesk tool and soon the meeting invite link will be available.


  7. Are we planning to have in-person UGM?

    Answer: At present we will continue to conduct UGM in virtual mode. We do plan to host in-person UGM this year however it depends on travel and other restrictions due to pandemic. We will continue to re-assess the situation during second half of the year and will keep you posted.


  8. How to enroll for a slot in UGM? Or as a user I want to present and be a part of agenda?

    Answer: As a user or partner, if you have something to showcase or present in this forum you can use this platform, please connect to us at . We can fix a slot for you in upcoming UGM if we receive your request 3 weeks in advance. Else it will be auto enrolled for next UGM.


  9. Are there any fees charged to attend any UGM?

    Answer: No, it is free of cost. No charges for attending the UGM.


  10. I can’t attend meeting. What can I do?

    Answer: No issues, you can access the meeting recording from the archive on the Zendesk tool. Also, you may extend the invite to your deputy to attend on your behalf. If you are facing any technical issue, please write to


  11. I’m having a trouble in finding the UGM invite?

    Answer:: Write to to get yourself added to the list of user group community and state your issue or problem. Please send following details: your name, title, product name, organization name, country, or zone.


  12. Which product UGMs will be held?

    Answer: We will have three products specific UGM

    • Digital Device Management – (aka-Radia/ Sentient)
    • API Monetization & Management – (aka- Aepona)
    • Cloud Orchestration & Management – (aka- Rovius, SureEdge)


  13. Can I attend other product UGM?

    Answer: Yes, you are more than welcome to attend more than one product UGM. We’d love to expand our product community beyond current set of users.


  14. Dos and Don’ts

    Answer: This is community for the users and by the users and formed for the users. This is a user beneficial group. Everyone comes here with an informal agenda to learn, explore, expand, and network.
    Members are refrained from: Not to talk on topics like politics, sex, race or ethnicity. Misbehavior will not be entertained. Please do not abuse or use any foul language here. Please maintain the professional decorum.