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ZERO hour Security Patching with Radia Patch Manager

I recently wrote a short article on LinkedIn and thought I would share it with the Radia community on this forum who may not be a part of the LinkedIn groups.


At Evergreen Systems we take security patching to the next level by developing custom Radia bulletins for our customers on demand.

With ZERO hour security patching you can have a Radia Patch Management solution in place within an hour of a critical security patch release.

Our custom bulletins don't require an updated file. This is a huge advantage over the standard acquisition and deployment process since there is no need to run a 2 hour acquisition, and deployment of the 200MB+ file before the enterprise can even start patching the enterprise. In some environments, it literally takes days to roll out the updated file each month before patching can begin leaving the enterprise vulnerable for several days.

With ZERO hour patching from Evergreen Systems you can start patching the environment using Radia Patch Manager within hours of the critical security patch release.

For more information about our support offerings send an email to



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