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How to create VPC Private gateway



I have read the instructions on how to create a VPC private gateway, but i can not figure what to put 

in the different boxes.. :)


I have a customer they are using VLAN12 (on the cloud), with an IP range, and now i have put in a 1gb direct connection to their office i have created a vlan40 an plugged it in, the iP address on this router is:


  • Physical Network: The physical network you have created in the zone.
  • IP Address: The IP address associated with the VPC gateway.
  • Gateway: The gateway through which the traffic is routed to and from the VPC.
  • Netmask: The netmask associated with the VPC gateway.
  • VLAN: The VLAN associated with the VPC gateway.

I know Physical network, vlan but other than this, i can not figure it out.


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Erik Weber

If I recall correctly you have to create a link network between them that you add to your VPC. 

As far as I know you cannot have the same ip network on both sides of the gateway.




Cloud network inside the VPC:
External customer network:
Link network:, vlan 41 or whatever you have available

Inside the link network you give your VPC the ip address and in the gateway you put

On you configure a router to route between the networks.

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