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Radia 10 Patch Manager new Architecture added for arm64

  Radia 10 users,

 When acquiring Windows 10 content with X64 selected the acquisition acquires both x64 and arm64 content. To disable the acquisition or arm64 content, a new Architecture for arm64 has been added to the console via an updated patch.tkd module. Please open a support case to obtain the latest patch.tkd module for Radia 10. 


 Hotfix ID: QCCR1C56330: 


Problem/Purpose  : Patch manager options to not acquire win10 arm patches.


Patch/Hotfix Version  : 10.0

Patch/Hotfix Level  : CP1

Applicable platforms  : Microsoft Windows

Attached hotfix files : patch.tkd

Steps to apply the hotfix on core:

 1. Stop the RCA Patch Manager Server service

 2. Take a backup of the existing <InstallDir>/PatchManager/modules/patch.tkd file.

 3. Replace the existing <InstallDir>/PatchManager/modules/patch.tkd with the new patch.tkd

 4. Start the RCA Patch Manager Server service


Screen shot showing the new Architecture for arm64.




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