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Radia 10 command line acquisitions linked to an acquire job for exclusions

  Radia 10 users, when running an acquisition via a command line there are a couple of new command line options including a new ARCH entry and Released date range to limit the acquired content.

 When using a command line to acquire content it is recommended to link to an acquire job to utilize the exclusion list and use command line options to tailor each acquire job to streamline the acquisition process and limit the amount of unwanted data that is acquired. 

1.> Command line acquire to acquire Win7 32bit only and update the file. Linked to a Win7 acquire job for exclusions.

nvdkit-rca-patch.exe modules\patch.tkd acquire -config etc\patch.cfg,etc\Win7.acq  -SKIP_WSUSSCNCAB_DOWNLOAD N -SKIP_WSUSSCNCAB_EXTRACTION N -arch MICROSOFT::x86 -patches_released_since 09/12/2018 -patches_released_till 09/12/2020
2.> Command line acquire for Win10 64bit only, do not update the wsussc2,cab file. Linked to a Win10 acquire job. Since a new Architecture was added in the latest Radia 10 patch.tkd file both x64 and amd64 should be used to acquire all 64bit content. Also, if this acquire job is run after an acquire job that updated the file for the month, there is no need to update the file again so it can be bypassed using the -SKIP switches set to Y. This will cut down on the amount of time the second acquire job runs. 

nvdkit-rca-patch.exe modules\patch.tkd acquire -config etc\patch.cfg,etc\Win10.acq -SKIP_WSUSSCNCAB_DOWNLOAD Y -SKIP_WSUSSCNCAB_EXTRACTION Y -arch MICROSOFT::x64,MICROSOFT::amd64 -patches_released_since 09/12/2018 -patches_released_till 09/12/2020
1.> -config links the command line to the acquire job.

         -config etc\patch.cfg,etc\Win7.acq 
         -config etc\patch.cfg,etc\Win10.acq
     2.> -SKIP to update the file. Y/N

 3.> -arch to set the architecture. For 64bit acquisitions use both x64 and amd64 to acquire all x64 content.

        -arch MICROSOFT::x64,MICROSOFT::amd64
        -arch MICROSOFT::x86
  4.> Date range to limit the acquisition results. Using a future date for the till switch so it doesn’t need to be updated each month until 9/12/2020.

        -patches_released_since 09/12/2018 -patches_released_till 09/12/2020

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