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How to create an acquisition job without updating the file / Custom XML

 In some instances it is not necessary to update the file on each acquisition. For instance, custom XML files are independent of the file. Also, If you run multiple acquisitions on or after Patch Tuesday and the file is current, the subsequent acquisitions can skip the download and extraction of the current file until the next update.

 The following example is for custom XML files to acquire and manage third party content, however, the syntax to skip the file can be applied to any acquire job.


 Copy the custom XML files into the data/PatchManager/patch/custom folder prior to acquisition. 


1.> Create a new custom acquisition job named custom. This can be reused to acquire custom content by updating the Bulletins with the bulletin ID’s to be acquired.

2.> In the Command Line Overrides section add the following syntax to disable the file update. This will speed up the acquire process by bypassing the wsussnc.2cab file download and extraction.




3.> Enter the bulletins to be acquired separated by a comma. In this example we are using 2 custom bulletins to manage Notepad++ and FileZilla via Radia Patch Manager.

4.> Set Force and Replace to Y to automatically update the CSDB with the latest bulletin data. Only use Force and Replace set to Y when re-acquiring specific content, otherwise set both to N.

5.> Set acquire Microsoft patches to Yes.

6.> Run the acquire and check the CSDB editor for the bulletins.


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