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Jim Longo

Acquisition server data clean-up

Radia Patch Manager users who do not use the metadata model will acquire patch data into the Acquisition server. This data is not automatically deleted after the acquire process publishes content into the CSDB. Over time this data can build into several hundred GB's.

NOTE:  MS-KB890830 (Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool) is a static bulletin ID so this data will be re-downloaded if deleted. For this reason the MS-KB890830 folder can be left in place. 

 Once this data is published to the CSDB the data can be deleted using the following steps.

  • On the acquisition server, Navigate to the data/PatchManager/patch/Microsoft folder.
  • Delete only the folders that contain the patch content. (Example: MS15, MS16, MS17, MS-KB).
  • Do not delete the bulletins (.xml) or the wsus/wua folders.



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