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Radia 9.1/9.2 Patch Manager new Architecture added for arm64

 When acquiring Windows 10 content with X64 selected the acquisition acquires both x64 and arm64 content. To disable the acquisition or arm64 content, a new Architecture for arm64 has been added to the console via an updated patch.tkd module.

 Please open a support case to obtain the latest patch.tkd module for Radia 9.1/9.2.


Radia 9.1 Hotfix ID: QCCR1C56982

Radia 9.2 Hotfix ID: QCCR1C56983



Problem/Purpose  : Patch manager options to not acquire win10 arm patches.


Patch/Hotfix Version  : 9.1/9.2


Applicable platforms : Microsoft Windows


Steps to apply the hotfix on core:


1. Stop the RCA Patch Manager Server service

2. Take a backup of the existing <InstallDir>/PatchManager/modules/patch.tkd file.

3. Replace the existing <InstallDir>/PatchManager/modules/patch.tkd with the new patch.tkd

4. Start the RCA Patch Manager Server service


Screen shot showing the new Architecture for arm64.



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