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Radia Patch Manager and Windows 10 Legacy Security Patching vs. new Cumulative model

Windows 10 (1809, 1903 +) Smaller Cumulative Update model

With the introduction of Windows 10 1809, Delta and Express patching has been discontinued leaving only a small Cumulative update. The new format will limit the size of the Cumulative update to around 300MB each month. 


The June Cumulative update for 1809 is only 238.0 MB and should max out at around 300 MB per month.

According to Microsoft:

Starting with 1809 for both client and server – Express will no longer be an option, as we are shifting to the PSFX model which has a lower overhead and results in greater efficiencies in updates. Please find the below blog for your reference.


Windows 10 Legacy OS (1607-1803) Express Updates, Cumulative Updates (Express support will end with Windows 10 1803)

With the introduction of Windows 10 Microsoft changed the security patch model by bundling all security patches into a single Cumulative update.  The Cumulative update includes all previous patches. As the Windows 10 Legacy OS ages the Cumulative update grows each month. 


The June 2019 Cumulative updates for Windows 10 1607 and 1803 and Windows Server 2016:


  • 2019-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB4503267)

               Size: 1414.1 MB


  • 2019-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4503286)

               Size: 893.2 MB


Microsoft offered a Delta update that included only the difference from the previous month but required the system to be up to date to receive the Delta updates. The size of the Delta updates was usually about 30-40% of the Cumulative update. (Delta updates were discontinued in April 2019).  

Express updates (support will end with Windows 10 1803)

Express updates deliver only the Delta bits needed to bring the system into compliance and requires a WSUS Server to determine the Delta bits needed by each end-point. (As of this writing, Express update support will end with Windows 10 1803/Windows Server 2016 and will be replaced with a new Cumulative update format that will restrict the size of the update to 200-300MB per month.)

While Express updates deliver a smaller payload to the end-point similar in size to the previous Delta updates, Express updates increases disc space usage significantly on the infrastructure to accommodate very large Express file bundles. Enabling Express updates may result in longer Radia patch connect times and increased resource usage on the end-points. The WSUS Server and end-point Windows Update configuration add a layer of complexity outside of Radia as well.


  • The June 2019 Express update bundle for Windows 10 1607 is 8.62GB
  • The June 2019 Express update bundle for Windows 10 1803 is 5.4GB


Using Radia Download Manager to distribute security patches in the background

For customers who do not want to enable Express updates for a limited time, the Download Manager feature will help minimize the impact of the growing Cumulative updates for legacy Windows 10 OS.  

Enable Download Manager to transfer the files required to apply patches onto the managed devices in the background, outside of the usual Agent connect process. This option allows for bandwidth throttling and an automatic stop and start of the download until it completes.


If you would like more information on Windows 10 Security patching please open a case with support and we will schedule a call to discuss Windows 10 security patching in more detail. 




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