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Managed Services report shows "Reboot Pending" for Patch services

When using the Managed Services report (AppEvent table) to verify Patch services the “events to report” flag and MIB switch will need to be modified in order to show successful verification events and clear "Reboot Pending" from Patch services.

NOTE: Turning on the verification events will increase Radia object traffic. It is recommended to use the patch reports for compliance and not the Managed Services report to show the status of a Patch.

By default, the AppEvent object is sent during the Install, Update, Repair events. The verification event is only sent if the verify fails.

 For this reason, the AppEvent object that updates the Managed Services report will show a status of "Reboot Pending" for Patch services that required a reboot since this was the last event that was sent after the install event. If the subsequent Radia verify is successful, no new event is sent to the database and the status remains in “Reboot Pending”.

 In order to update the Managed Services status column with a successful verify event for patch services we need to change the Events to Report flag AV=F to AV=B on the <defaults> instance of PATCHMGR.ZSERVICE.<DEFAULTS>

1.>   Change Events To Report Flags.


TO :


2.. Change MIB to Y on PATCHMGR.CMETHOD instances (Discover, Finalize, Manager). The default value for MID is none. Changing to Y will verify each patch service during the Patch connect. This will increase the amount of time the Patch connect runs.

 On the next patch connect the Managed Service status column will update with the successful verification event. 



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