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Using a custom (XML) Patch service to deploy the Feature Update for Windows 10, version 20H2 Enablement Package

A Radia custom (XML) Patch service can be used to update an endpoint from Windows 10 2004 to Windows 10 2009 using the Windows 10 version 20H2 Enablement Package (KB4562830). This enablement package is a more efficient way of updating the operating system as it does not require the full Windows 2009 ISO image file to be deployed to the endpoints. The KB4562830 enablement package is approximately 86MB in size whereas the full Windows 10 20H2 ISO payload is approximately 4.8GB in size. Therefore, deploying the Windows 10 20H2 feature update using the enablement package requires far less network bandwidth during the upgrade process.



You must have the following prerequisites installed before applying this update:

  • Servicing stack update for Windows 10, version 2004: September 8, 2020 or a later servicing stack update
  • October 13, 2020 KB4579311 (OS Build 19041.572) or a later cumulative update

In some instances, it is not necessary to update the file on each acquisition. Custom (XML) Patch services are independent of the file so the and extraction can be skipped when acquiring custom XML files. 

NOTE: To request custom patch services from professional services, please open a case with support with the kb number or third-party application name, OS and architecture. For instance, KB4562830, Windows 10 2004 x64. 



(Request a copy of the custom xml file MSC-KB4562830.xml from support.)

1.> Copy the custom XML file MSC-KB4562830.xml into the <InstallDir>\RCA\data\PatchManager\patch\custom folder prior to acquisition. 

2.> Create a new custom acquisition job named custom or use an existing acquire job. A sample configuration is shown in the screenshot below.

3.> Enter the Bulletin to be acquired: MSC-KB4562830. 

4.> In the Command Line Overrides enter the following syntax to skip the file download and extraction.


5.> Set “Acquire Microsoft Patches” to Yes.

6.> Run the acquisition from the Operations Tab in the console and check the CSDB editor for the bulletin MSC-KB4562830.

7.> Assign the MSC-KB4562830 service in policy to start updating Windows 2004 systems to Windows 2009(20H2) the KB4562830 enablement package.




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