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Paweł Korpisz
Application Manager


Is there any documents or webpage where I can find how to implement Application Manager (or Self Service Manager) to Radia 9.0?

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Jose Manuel Garcia
More flexiblity when creating deployment services

Would be great add the AMP option when creating services by defect, and maybe use web browser to make software packages.
And the possibility to add multiple steps when installing, updating, removing services. Also add th eoption to show popups or messages to the users, after and before installation progress.

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Alexander Baer
User centric application delivery (e.g, after reimage)

Take a user centric approach - if a user reimages a PC offer all previously offered software to the user again (optional) for install. Or if a user has multiple devices offer the Software the user has on other devices also to install (optional). Ideally also store settings so a reimage/system restore/ devcie migration is 100% seamless.

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Alexander Baer
Touch friendly and modern looking user interface

The Radia 9 user interface (Application Self Service Manager) Looks pretty ancient and is hard to use when on a touch screen device as everything is pretty small. Use a more state of the art look and feel.

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Tvnz Caeadmin
Ability to pin/favourite commonly used Active Directory objects for Policy assignment

Would be handy to be able to pin or favourite commonly used AD objects where we assign policy for quick access instead of having to navigate through AD Structure to find. Would be good to be able to quickly access these objects in the Portal to modify Policy.

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Michael Conwell
RCA Satellites should be able to be updated from the Console rather than manually.

After manually upgrading a 100 server infrastructure with the 8.10.0003 patch, why isn't there functionality in the RCA console to import a Satellite patch to the Core and execute the stage it to the satellites and remotely install it on the satellites?

You would have to have it done in stages: 1. Import the patch 2. Stage the patch to the satellite 3. Execute the patch. In my mind, the staging should be done in advance of installation and it should be done so in a fashion that it doesn't flood the WAN while it copies to the Satellite. Execution needs to be done separately due to the possible scheduling restrictions imposed by a Change Management system.

Also, patches shouldn't require manual installation for desired components. If I need the 8.10.0003 patch PLUS the OS Management components, I should be able to select this from the console and then have the system update itself when I tell it too.

Supression of Reboots would be a necessary component.

Centralized reporting of success, failure, pending-reboots, etc. would be needed.

It is long past time to giving us this feature for maintaining our RCA infrastructure.

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Vinod Kumar
Data Deduplication

Can Radia Uses the Server 2012 Data Deduplication technology to save some disk space ?

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Vinod Kumar
Integrate tool like Powershell with Radia

Need some kind of Automation Scripting like Power Shell so that the tasks are easier to perform by running one single command. 



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Craig Tonner
Introduce a cascaded sync process

Instead of trying to second guess how long syncs will take between TIERs why not have a cascaded sync where higher TIER servers contact the lower TIER servers after they have completed their own syncs. Thus using all the available time you have available.

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Craig Tonner
Move away from using MySQL for job related information

We can use SQL or Oracle for our reporting data so why not use the same for the jobs data.



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